This page provides access to the Block Windows feature.

Block Windows can block any selected window or dialog, such as My Computer, Control Panel, Internet Properties, etc. For example, if you want to disable the ability to open My Documents window click Add button and enter My Documents in Caption.

Note: the caption is the title of the application while running it and not the application name! Look at the text in the application top line while running it and enter it in WinLock caption list.

Tip: use Find Window button to list all visible windows.

Tip: caption may contain * and ? wildcards. A question mark matches any single character. An asterisk matches any number of occurrences of that string followed by any characters. For example, bo* matches bot, bo and boo but not b. So, if you want to block all windows with a caption that begins, for example with a Internet word, you can use the following string: Internet*.


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