Logging feature monitors changes to the Windows shell, writes these changes to the log file, and optionally sends e-mail reports or notifications to remote administrator.

Click on the check box to enable or disable logging for the specified event. If the check box is checked, then the event will be logged.

Note: logging feature doesn't monitor console applications.


Click Select All or Select None to enable or disable logging of all events. Click View Log to view events.

E-mail Report - click to configure e-mail notifications.

Limit logging

Select Log limit to set the limit on events to be logged. For example, if user deletes 500 files and limit is 10 events, only first 10 files will be logged. This is useful, when you don't need to know every file that was deleted, only that one or more files was in fact deleted.

File size

Specified the maximum size in kilobytes to which log file can grow.


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