Configure WinLock

Normally, WinLock is displayed as an icon near the system clock.
Right-click on the WinLock tray icon and click Open WinLock. You will be prompted for the password. To adjust various WinLock settings, select an icon in the Shortcut bar. The corresponding page will be displayed in the Application area that takes up the main portion of the window area.

Note: if you are using WinLock for the first time, you will not be asking for the password.

The Shortcut bar displays folders: General, System, Internet, Access, and Timer.


You may save WinLock settings to a file and open them later using the appropriate command in Profile menu. Using the profiles lets you to switch between different protection schemes easily. If you want to save current password in the saved profile, select Save Password in Settings. Also, profiles can be loaded on-the-fly from the command line without opening configuration window. For example, run winlock.exe -profile internet.wlp <password> (note that WinLock should be already loaded and configuration window should be closed) to automatically apply internet.wlp profile. To quickly reset all settings, in Profile menu click New.

To apply the profile to the other user, click Profile button and select Apply.

WinLock comes with a number of profiles ready for you to use. These predefined profiles located in WinLock folder in user documents and optimized for a particular purpose, defined by the profile name:

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