The key features of WinLock Professional

The Professional edition allows you to create different protection schemes for each user account in a multiple-user environment. For each user, WinLock will activate only the selected restrictions

Let's say you have user account called "John" and you want to apply specified security restrictions to this account.

Internet Explorer restrictions

Web protection

WinLock allows you to enter keywords or site address that can terminate web session. The Professional edition of WinLock not only checks the address of the site, but also scans the entire page, including the hidden meta-tags for any prohibited words. For example, if you define "sex" as a keyword, any website contains this word will be prohibited. This makes possible to prohibit access to questionable websites - notably for public-access computers in schools and libraries.

Countdown timer

Displays onscreen countdown timer.

Guest password

Guest password allows users to unlock the system locked by WinLock without entering the master password. Guest password can't be used to shutdown WinLock or change protection settings.

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