Configuring user accounts

If you are working in a multi-user environment and want to use WinLock under new restricted account, you need to configure system access permissions. To do this, you should move this user account to administrators group, then log on under this account and run WinLock. Finally, you can remove this account from administrators group.

Alternatively, under General/Protection click Fix button to adjust the access permissions automatically (works in Windows XP and higher). User Account Control should be turned on. If you are using Windows XP, administrator's password should not be blank. If you don't see the Fix button, there is no need to configure the account.

Or, download Account Configuration utility from our website. Select account under Account and click Proceed. Command line usage: aconfig.exe <username> or aconfig.exe all_users.

Windows XP

Windows Vista and higher

indows 2000

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