Maple allows to create links that are references to other nodes, Web pages, files, etc. Links are automatically identified and highlighted (if a corresponding feature enabled in options).

Inserting link to node

Inserting link to a file or folder


Maple supports the following hyperlinks:

It is automatically sized to fit the text in it. A pop-up will stay on top of a document. It will remain on top until you remove it by clicking on it. Pop-ups are generally used for definitions, tips and notes or other text that might further explain a word or some text. You don't want to have this text as a part of the main document but pop it up when further clarification is warranted. Pop-up windows will work in exported Web trees and CHM help files.

Inserting hyperlink

Edit hyperlink

Tip: you can follow a link simply by clicking left mouse button on it. To follow an image hyperlink, simply double-click on it.


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