Keyboard shortcuts

Maple defines several keyboard shortcuts that allow you to access various functions quickly.

Press To
Ctrl+N Create new tree.
Open a tree.
Ctrl+S Save the active tree to disk.
Ctrl+P Print tree outline or the active document.
Ctrl+Z Undo.
Ctrl+Y Redo.
Ctrl+X Cut.
Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert Copy.
Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert Paste.
Ctrl+A Select the entire document.
Ctrl+F Find the specified node or text.
F3 Repeat search.
Ctrl+H Replace text.
Find the specified text in all documents.
Ctrl+G Go to line.
Alt+Enter Change the selected object's properties.
Press To
F11 Toggle Full Screen mode.
Ctrl+Tab Toggle keyboard input between tree and document.
Press To
Ctrl+W Add a new node.
Ctrl+Insert Add a new sibling node.
Ctrl+D Delete the selected node.
F2 Rename a node.
Ctrl+F2 Change node's icon.
Alt+Ctrl+Up Move node upward.
Alt+Ctrl+Down Move node downward.
Alt+Ctrl+Left Move node left.
Alt+Ctrl+Right Move node right.
Press To
Store the selected branch.
Shift+Ctrl+T Paste stored branch.
Alt+Left Go to the previous node.
Alt+Right Go to the next node.
Shift+Ctrl+S Sort the selected branch.
Shift+Ctrl+R Sort the entire tree.
Press To
Shift+Ctrl+K Copy link to a node.
Ctrl+K Insert link to a node.
F5 Insert date and time.
Ctrl+'-' Insert soft hyphen.
Press To
Ctrl+T Adjust tabs.
Shift+Ctrl+V Toggle word wrap.
Ctrl+B Boldfaced font.
Ctrl+I Italicized font.
Ctrl+U Underlined font.
Ctrl+L Align paragraph with the left margin.
Ctrl+R Align paragraph with the right margin.
Ctrl+E Center paragraph.
Ctrl+J Justify paragraph.
Shift+Ctrl+F Change font name.
Shift+Ctrl+P Change font size.
Shift+Alt+C Copy format.
Shift+Alt+V Apply format.
Press To
Ctrl+Q Calculate the selected expression.
Press To
Shift+Ctrl+U Open or close calculator.
Shift+Ctrl+C Open or close character map.
F7 Check spelling in the active document.
Shift+F7 Open thesaurus.
Press To
F1 Display the help contents.
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