Customize the toolbars

As you work in Maple, you will probably find yourself using some commands more often than others. By customizing the toolbars and changing the buttons, you can access the commands more quickly. You can customize menus and toolbars yourself; you can add and remove buttons and menus on toolbars, create your own custom toolbars, hide or display toolbars, and move toolbars. You can customize the menu bar the same way you customize any built-in toolbar - for example, you can quickly add and remove buttons and menus on the menu bar.

To customize the toolbars, use the Customize Toolbars dialog box. There are two ways to open the dialog box:

Use the customization dialog to add and remove buttons and menu items for faster access to frequently used commands.

Tip: to return the toolbars to the original setting, click the Reset button.

Displaying only the commands and buttons that you use

Maple automatically customizes menus and toolbars based on how often you use the commands. As you work, the menus and toolbars adjust so that only the commands and toolbar buttons you use most often appear.

Displaying all the commands on a menu

To look for a command that you don't use often or have never used before, click the arrows at the bottom of the menu to show all the commands. You can also double-click the menu to expand it. When you expand one menu, all of the menus are expanded until you choose a command or perform another action. When you click a command on the expanded menu, the command is immediately added to the short version of the menu. If you do not use the command often, it is dropped from the short version of the menu.

Seeing all of the toolbar buttons

You can resize to display more buttons, or you can show all buttons on a toolbar. To see a list of buttons that won't fit on a built-in, docked toolbar, click Toolbar Options at the end of the toolbar. When you use a button that is not displayed on the toolbar, that button is moved to the toolbar, and a button that has not been used recently is dropped to the Toolbar Options list.


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