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Some Ideas on enhancements

Postby DiVe » Sat Sep 22, 2007 3:07 pm

Hello to all and especially for the following the developer team,

I am just started with maple pro and love it more and more for storing all my notes and snippets in an organized ways. Nevertheless I encontered some small issues and have some ideas to make the "work flow" more comfortable (to be honest: for the way I prefer to use this software) :wink: .

- After saving the save icon is still enabled: could you please just enable it if changes have been made to tree or content?

- can you please increased the dropdown count for the font combobox

- Import Folder -> did not remember the last location selected (not so important if my "recurse subdirs" wish below could be realised)

- creating new entry -> entering the editor -> select bullet list or numbered list will not work and cursor is somehow to high in editor
-> if pressing return the new line will get the correc bullet or number!

- text marking with mouse or keyboard in bullet list always selects also the bullet at front (I need to insert a space before the text to be able to select first word!)

- Zoomed fonts have sometimes edges cutted

Additional features that would be great
- syntax highlighting (like Codebank) for all my code snippets that I am actually have stored in onother tool

- an additional combobox with format styles in format toolbar would be helpfull for fast access
- also a entry for the format styles in contextmenu of editor would be fine

- Import (and export) of structures with substructures as sub-directories
a "recurse subdirs" option for the "Import Folder" feature that creates additional subnotes would help me
enormous to convert my notes from an older software (not Treepad!) I have used before to Maple Pro Tree

- Import submenu in context menu of node

- indent/unindent paragraph will be fine to structure the text

- adjustable font size in tree for high resolutions

- Zoom in editor with ctrl+mousewheel up/down?

- finer resolution for Zoom like

So far for now. Please don't get me wrong. I selected your tool among several others because it is the best choice for me has already all the function I basically need, a very nice interface also supporting a "good old keyboard user" and ....

The above ideas will just make it even better for me and may also for other users.


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