New User, Enjoying Maple & some suggestions

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New User, Enjoying Maple & some suggestions

Postby Paul Schuyler » Tue Feb 20, 2007 5:47 pm


I'm a new user and I had a tough time deciding on Maple Pro vs Myinfo, Mybase, Treepad enterprise, etc. Ultimately I chose Maple because I like the quality of its HTML output and the fact that I can create nice HTML Help files.

I'm using the program for an unorthodox use...hardcore project management for a group of international clients in different locations. The idea is that I organize my daily tasks in Maple, and at the end of the day I upload an HTML tree of the day's tasks. Maple is awesome but here are a few important suggetions that would help the software expand its capabilities beyond the personal organizer realm:

-When outputting HTML, there should be an option to better organize the files into subdirectories, in such a way that the entire web tree directory is portable. For example, when I export a large tree filled with a bunch of external references and images, it should automatically create subdirectories for (\images, \documents, etc). That would help clean things up a lot in the web tree output, and the whole thing could be easily uploaded to an FTP site. It should allow also for the option to make copies of any locally linked files. For example if I have an autocad file referenced in my tree on C:\working files\autocad...when output to HTML a copy should be written to the subdirectory \files, and the html should have a relative link to that subdirectory so that when I upload to an FTP site, the links won't be broken. At least there should be options for that.

-Also critically important would be the idea to assign custom properties to tree topics. Myinfo has this in the form of columns and its quite important. This would allow me to export custom trees with only the information relative to a certain client or group of clients. For example if in my Maple tree I had a bunch of stuff mixed together like my grocery list alongside a tasklist for an important project, I should be able to flag personal items and work items seperately. That way when I want to export a tree, I can filter out what I want and export the tree for a specific audience. Thats really quite important for working with clients.

Anyway, other then that I'm enjoying this new workflow!

Paul Schuyler

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