NotePro Suggestions / Wish List (for upcoming Releases)

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NotePro Suggestions / Wish List (for upcoming Releases)

Postby Laurence » Sat Dec 25, 2004 9:52 pm

1.) Any chance of adding an option under Preferences to only allow one instance of NotePro to be open at any given time. Therefore if it is already open or minimized to the taskbar or tray, and a user was to click on NotePro's icon or shortcut to same, the instance of NotePro that is already open would merely pop up from the taskbar or tray, coming to the foreground, perhaps with a "new tab" already loaded? (Presently clicking on NotePro's icon or shortcut to same opens up another instance of NotePro, regardless of whether there is an instance already running.)

2) And I have already asked about a Canadian English dictionary, as well as the possibility of a Canadian English thesaurus to match, being made available?

3) I too have asked about a "Clear recent files list" being added; and if NotePro could be made to keep the name of the document intact (see explanation under post: NotePro - 8.3 DOS format ...)

As I use NotePro more, using various features, the more I may discover - and wish for; but that's all for now. :)


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