NotePro - 8.3 DOS format ...?

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NotePro - 8.3 DOS format ...?

Postby Laurence » Wed Dec 22, 2004 1:55 am


I am running Windows XP Home Edition (SP2), and using NotePro version 3.2. Under File Types, I have set NotePro to be the program which opens up RTF documents when I double click on them, and so it does.

However, lets say a document is named "wide open spaces" - when I double click on it, it opens up, but NotePro has cut it's name down to the old 8.3 DOS format naming convention: i.e. "WIDEOP~1.RTF."

But if I open up NotePro first and use it's File | Open, or Open icon, to open up "wide open spaces" it opens it up *and* keeps it's long file name.

I couldn't remember how WordPad behaved itself when opening files, so I unchecked the Rich Text documents box under File Types, and WordPad automatically once more became the default program to open RTF docs. It appears that WordPad works just fine, at keeping the name intact, whether short or long.
Oh and WordPad wins 'hands down' on the quickness of it's opening up, on it's own as well as when opening a document, in comparison to NotePro. So ... any chance of speeding up NotePro?

(By the way, under Windows 98, when unchecking the Rich Text documents, NotePro did not return the association back to WordPad, but left RTF docs unassociated. I had to make the association manually.) But I digressed.

Any chance of making NotePro keep the name of the document intact, be it short or long?



No response

Postby Guest » Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:37 am

There's been no response, so I guess not. Too bad. But I too think NotePro could use a little more cleanup work in it's 'features.'


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