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Trial Experience

Postby Mankekar » Wed Nov 26, 2008 5:08 am

Thanks for this useful document manager! I'm using the trial version of the software are have few brief comments to share:

1. The cursor behavior is a bit strange at times. When I first click into the document pane to write notes the bottom of the cursor is level with the bottom of the text. In other words, the cursor seems higher than the text. I guess I'm expecting a cursor that slightly overshoots a typed letter both on the top and on the bottom (that is, evenly like what can be observed in MS Word). Adding to the strangeness is the fact that if I move the cursor around a bit with the arrow keys, I can get the cursor to perform in the expected manner.

2. It seems the first line of text in the document pane is too close to the horizontal ruler. This causes the cursor to actually touch the bottom of the ruler, creating a phenomenologically claustrophobic scenario for this user.

3. Is there any way to have Maple load the last file opened when starting up? File --> Reopen is rather straightforward, but I'm looking to avoid these steps.

4. Using visual themes such as "Glossy Black/Blue" makes the program rather sluggish. At the very least the changing program menus becomes hard to bear.

5. When using the numbering feature hitting 'enter' on a blank number should bring me out of the numbering outline. Instead the number is just moved down a line.

Thanks for your consideration,

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