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suggestions - miscellaneous

Postby Pimpimpim » Mon Nov 06, 2006 10:31 am

Hi there!

Thank you very much for Maple Pro: really an outstanding piece of software!!! Since I am a recent registered user, here are some suggestions, most of them tending to make the program more comfortable and more efficient for a daily use.


When you execute a Global Search, sometimes the result is hidden below the window (results): really annoying, especially for the users who often use this function. May it be possible to add an option to save the position of this dialog?


A "Select All" option (right-click dialog in the editor) would be GREAT!!!


I would appreciate the possibility to rearrange the order of bookmarks. By default, they are sorted by Name. This is annoying if you want to choose the nodes that you would like to display at the top of the list. By the way, the order of the bookmarks in the list is not updated if you move a Node Up or Down...

recent files list...
At this time there is no way to clear the recent files list, and no way to delete the obsolete entries from the list. You have to set the number to "0" in the ' Tools-Preferences-Files ' dialog, then re-enter the value you had chosen before: not very helpful.

easy access to files...
A kind of small file manager (cf. KeyNote) would be welcome (including options to clear the list and remove the obsolete entries)... or a Favorites menu with an icon somewhere (add, delete, move up or down like in My Notes Center for example). In my opinion, the bookmarks are a perfect way to reach immediately any node in a tree (and I find that Maple is really an outstanding program regarding this function!), so the same function for .MPL files (let's say Favorites) would really be a GREAT addition to the program!

Import / Export

It would be great if the program could export a branch (RTF for example) and create one or several files (one file per note) like My Notes Center or My Notes Keeper: this is really GREAT when you need to work on your files in another application (I particularly appreciate & use the Import-Folder Content command).

main screen

The flags are always a very interesting option in a program like Maple Pro, just look at your tree and you know what notes have to be completed, what are the urgent tasks (if you manage tasks) and so on. In Maple Pro, I find that the addition of a flag could be improved (more intuitive) if you could add a flag by right-clicking on the branch. For now, you have to go through the dialog to change the icon and this is not very intuitive for me.

Maybe the "Convert" menu could be moved in the Edit menu?
Maybe the "Calculate" command could be moved in the Tools menu?
That would sound more logical to me (not sure that the conversion from OEM to ANSI (...) is ever used by most of the users).

some details

When you search for a chain of characters present in the text, you have to click two times (search results dialog) to go to the next result. With the same text in an URL, you have to click four times to go to the next result (as if you had to de-select the URL before finding the next result).

When two subnotes (or more) have the same name, if you search for a note by title (binoculars+Node) and enter the title of the note you want to display / edit, the program displays the first note by default (as if the 2nd was not present in the document). This can be a bit confusing (?).

Thanks for all!

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