Restricted executables

Here you can block application by the executable name or version info. For example, the following application name would be used to close the Internet Explorer when someone tries to open it: iexplore.exe. File info contains version and copyright information about the file (company name, product name, comments, etc.) To read version information, right click the file in Windows Explorer and select Properties/Version. For example, each software product created by Adobe Systems contains word Adobe in version information. So, you can use the following string to disable the ability to open Adobe software at all: *Adobe*. With executable blocking you can disable nearly all software installation packages. To do this, add *setup* and *install* into the File info.

Tip: both file name and version info may contain * and ? wildcards. A question mark matches any single character. An asterisk matches any number of occurrences of that string followed by any characters.

select Ask for password option on the settings page to run the restricted executables after entering the correct password.


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