Date navigator

The date navigator provides a quick and easy way to change the dates in the scheduling pane.

Clicking on the date navigator’s header displays a month context menu. The single-arrow buttons change the dates displayed in it, by incrementing or decrementing the time range displayed by a month at a time.

The date navigator’s calendar shows the current month along with a few days from the previous and next months.

Today's date is outlined with a border around it – the current date indicator. This makes it quick and easy to identify the current day. Dates which have the appointments scheduled on them are shown in bold in.

The selected dates are highlighted. To select multiple nonadjacent dates simultaneously the Ctrl key is used along with the mouse. Adjacent dates can be selected by dragging the mouse pointer over the desired days while the left mouse button is pressed or by using the Shift key along with the mouse. The selected dates are then displayed in the scheduling pane.


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