Multiple Accounts

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Multiple Accounts

Postby Jo M » Wed Sep 08, 2004 9:41 am

I have been a registered user of Mail Sweep for a month or so and find it a useful program for dealing with spam so that it doesn't even get onto my hard disk!

As far as I can see the only must have improvement on the program is to enable it to work a bit better with multiple email accounts. As a registered user mail sweep does work with all my accounts, however it is a bit clunky and has to be used totally manually for all aditional accounts (as far as I can work out!)

When I "connect" it only does so for the one account in the "account" box. Then to use mail sweep for another account I have to click on disconnect then select the different account and then click on connect again. I call that clunky! (perhaps "clicky" would be more descriptive?) If I want mail sweep to use its AutoMail feature on all my accounts - well as far as I can find out from the help menu I can't do that, as AutoMail only works on the "default" account.

I think that it is a reasonable expectation for a program which works with multiple accounts and has an AutoMail feature to have either or BOTH of the following.
1. A button to connect with all the accounts I have set up in mail sweep IN ONE GO.
2. An improved AutoMail which works on all the accounts (possibly with different settings for each)

This would give me the ability to leave MailSweep loaded and "connectable" so that it will periodically tell me if I have received mail on any of my accounts. But if I think I should have received something I can opt not to wait for the AutoMail and check all the accounts at one go.

MailSweep would have several advantages in this respect over whatever other Mail Client one uses (I use Thunderbird)
a. Less of a memory hit even than Thunderbird, but MUCH less than Outlook/Express.
b. One's "you've got mail" sound takes you to your locked single front door. You can decide whether to let them in or not. You have a peep hole to see before you open.

Basic security, not provided with any Main Email Client, but MailSweep only provides this level of convenience and security for the Default Account! As it stands MailSweep gives me a seperate "Front Door" for each account and only allows me to have a door bell on the "Main Door"! For all the others I have to periodically go and check if there is someone waiting there! Absurd!

Please, please, please, this is not a foible but a substantial ommision from the program as it stands.

Regards Jo M

Jo M
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No Reply!, some praise, further idea

Postby Jo M » Thu Sep 30, 2004 3:07 pm

Come on Guys at Crystal Office Systems, Its been three weeks and no acknowledgement or any kind of reply!

Make Mail Sweep the product it always should have been. It probably won't even be too much work to do it!

I still like the basic features of the program. I don't want to leave any Email Client always on, because of the dangers of new viruses and the problem of not yet recognised spam taking up loads of dowload time! I would prefer to have a "Header Reader" & "Message Filter and Deleter" such as Mail Sweep always on as my "email notification system", "security assistant" and "spam preventer".

I have tried several alternatives and didn't like their approach at all. I tried one of them on an account that I knew had some mail in it. It blocked ALL the messages! Then I had to try to recover those that I knew were not spam but proper legitimate subsciptions to professional and important organizations for work!!! I never did get all those messages back. The program got uninstalled straight away!!!!

I prefer the control that MailSweep gives you over your own mail! Previewing the mail's header so as to identify them very quickly with no significant download waiting time. Then setting up filters straight from the offending messages. That is what I want. MailSweep provides the basic actions but doesn't make it "easy", "automatic", "swift" or "Slick" yet.

One further small niggle I have noticed is with the filter manager. It would be nice if each new filter created from a known spam was automatically named by either the origin of the email or the subject line. Also the newly created filter comes up with several boxes ticked which I don't think I want ticked, "Priority" & "Attachments". As far as I can understand it if someone is blocking email using a known spam, then they will want any email from that source OR from that named person OR of that subject blocked regardless of Priority or Attachments. Well there might be some cases of a friend or collegues email address having been used by a spammer or virus! In those cases ONLY would one want to blcok only if there was an attachment for example! So I think the default should be set with those boxes unchecked. There seems to be no way for me to edit this as a preference.

Also perhaps as well as a sound when new email is found, if you have left MailSweep in the system tray, then perhaps a popup notification "You've got Mail" would be nice as well. Plus if the notification is clicked it automatically disconnects MailSweep and fires up your Email Client (Your Email Client cannot connect while MailSweep is "connected" - the ISP won't connect you!). Now that would be really nice! If it were possible to get MailSweep to automatically reconnect when you close your Email Client, now that would be really "Purrrrfect"!

Come on guys I'm giving positive praise, positive ideas as well as some criticism. At least do me the favour of a reply!

Regards Jo M (Sorry I never use my real name or email on forums any more! If you guys at Crystal Office want my real "registered user" identity then you can ask me for it via a personal message or an email)

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Postby support » Fri Oct 01, 2004 12:08 pm

Actually, I can't tell you anything about new features that will be available in the new major version of MailSweep. At this time it is in the stage of sustain engineering, and we're waiting for a new release of Internet Direct library - the core of MailSweep.

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